Sunday, December 9, 2007

Langpo and pedagogy

Nice work, Murchadha, on your descriptive matrix. It is always useful to shine a clear light, that is, managment consulting, onto something as inherently in shadows as art. But let's go even further, say to the elementary school classroom, where young Miss Wonderpants is trying to teach her roomful of nine year olds not how to read, but how to read language poetry. What does she say? What are the rules? Not this is what "anticipation" means, but this is what it means to the dominant culture of which you may one day choose not to be a part. And how does she explain conjunctions, such as "and" or "but"--the problem being that such words are used to carry forward some type of logic, but what if the logic is absent intentionally or so idiosyncratic that everyday conjunctions are turned on their poor heads. And what about the overall issue of meaning, because isn't that why we are taught to read, to extract, eat, devour information that will be useful, at least as soon as the SAT. How is she to tell her class that meaning, after all, is up to the children, the reading learners?

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